Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ready To Enrol?

If you interested to enrol AmCash Guarantee 21, please SMS to 0196058599 with your name and location.

Payment accepted: Credit Card, Biro Angkasa or cash.

Member Get Member Program (MGM)

Introduce your Friends to apply for “Am Cash Guaranteed 21” (AM CG21) Account and enjoy for Lucrative Commissions!

For more Friends that you Introduce,More Rewards and Commissions awaiting you.

Share the Lucrative Commissions Pay Out when you APPLY for Am Cash Guarantee 21 with your Loves One, Family Members, Relatives and Fellow Friends… For Every Am CG21 Applications Successfully Approved by Bank, YOU can Enjoy the Commissions as your Introduction Fees as show below:

Am Cash Guarantee 21 Commissions Pay Out

EPP. RM2400 per Annum RM 840 Cash Incentive Per Person Introduced.

EPP. RM3600 per Annum RM 1260 Cash Incentive Per Person Introduced.

Introduce your Friends to Apply for a Saving Account as EASY as 1, 2, 3!

1. Member Get Members Program is Solely for Am Cash Guaranteed 21 Account Holder ONLY.

2. For every Successful Approved Applications Introduced by Account HOLDER, CASH Incentives will be credited to Your Am Bank Normal Saving Account.

AmCash Guarantee 21 With Profit Account (MGM Program)

AmCash Guarantee 21 Account Without Profit Account (MGM Program)

Comparison With Other Fixed Deposits

How AmCash G21 Can Achieve The Objective?

1. Benefits of AmCash G21:

a) Guaranteed Annual Payments (GAP)
- 4.2% of Sum Assured
- Up to age 50
- Tax Free

b) Guaranteed Cash Payouts at Regular 3 Year Intervals
c) Cash Dividend
d) Terminal Dividend
e) Life Insurance Coverage
f) Total Permanent Disablement Coverage
g) 36 Critical Illnesses Coverage
h) Death Coverage
i) Optional Coverage
- Hospital Benefits
- Comprehensive Accident
- Payer Benefit
- Deferred Disability Income
- Maternity Benefit

j) Extra Earning through Instructions

2. Benefits to Employer

a) Higher Interest Return through Long Term Programme
b) Savings and Interests are Guarantee and Protected by Bank Negara
c) Earn a Life Protection Coverage
d) Enjoying the benefits during recessions, retirement or during time of difficulty
e) No additional cost to the employer
f) Entitle a New Business without Getting Out Own Capital
g) Receive Extra Earning (Capital/ Fund) through Introductions
h) Expands the Employer Base through Our Establish Platform

3. Benefits to Employees

a) Guaranteed good service from agent
b) Affordable – Monthly Saving basis
c) No hassle – Payment through salary deduction, flexible payment method
d) Convenience – Staff can subscribe at the office
e) Choice of plan to suit budget
f) Flexibility to upgrade the plan
g) Extend to cover family

Main Features Of AmCash Guarantee 21

  1. Long Term Programme
  2. Disciplined Saving Plan
  3. High Investment Return
  4. Life Insurance Coverage (Death, Total Permanent Disablement, 36 Critical Illnesses)
  5. Tax Relief on Premium Paid
  6. Tax Free on Interest Gain
  7. Extra Earning Pay Out


To help individuals to gain extra capital or funding through saving.